Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Adel Yahya

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Adel Yehya Professor Emeritus, Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, Ain Shams University, and is responsible for mining in the Sinai, and former head of the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences, winning the estimated university award in 2016, emphasized the need to link the university to industry, because projects must be based on the industry, suggesting that a research project be carried out to obtain a master's degree and a doctorate degree that can be implemented and which is a product that has a return to the university.

He suggested that the university should establish factories to follow them, pointing out that the university has the faculties of arts, Al-Alsun and law, and they have competencies and professors with great experience.

In addition, he pointed out that the university's qualifications and faculties raise questions about the possibility of opening an international school to be affiliated to the university. The scientific material is presented in a good, modern and advanced manner, with the same courses as the Ministry of Education. However, what will differ from education in other schools is giving information to the student.

The geology professor cited a previous visit to the University of Surrey in Britain, where he discovered that there is a company called Sari of the University is manufacturing satellites and return the proceeds of the profit to the university.

This experience gave rise to the idea of establishing companies belonging to the University in different fields can return the revenue to the university, after the approval of the draft universities presented to the parliament now.

Yehya called on professors and universities to think about establishing companies and benefiting from them in areas that could benefit the university and to develop the necessary plans for this. He stressed on the need to develop feasibility studies by specialists in the Faculty of Commerce. He pointed out that such companies will increase the chances of cooperation between Different faculties.