Minister of Higher Education and President of Ain Shams University in a visit to the Victims of the police officers at Agouza Hospital

By: Rabab Nassar

Photo: Islam Shaaban

Prof. Dr. Ashraf al-Shehhi, Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Abdul Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Shams University and their accompanying delegation concluded their visit by visiting injured police officers at Agouza Hospital.

Major General Ayman Jad, first assistant of interior minister for medical services sector and Major Nadi Michel, director of the hospital were in the reception.

The visit aims to provide moral support to the police and support them in their fight against terrorism as well as providing role models and ideals of the Egyptian General for Youth and a private university

Prof. Ashraf al-Shehhi emphasized that the police are the owners of issue and goal which is to protect the homeland and do not like about that alternative.

Prof. Abdul Wahab Ezzat added that what the police provide in the live model on the ground to sacrifice and redemption is a real motivation for young people to work hard and determination to boosting Egypt in their fields.

Ain Shams University students expressed their pride in police officers and their appreciation for their homeland in order to understand the source of inspiration and a strong motivation for them to provide everything they can to serve Egypt and the elevation will.