Seminar of digital library of Faculty of Medicine

In the framework of the presidential program for Egyptian knowledge, Bank in collaboration with the digital libraries in the Supreme Council of Universities, and it will be organizing a seminar (for a digital library) for training on "Clinical key" database.

Clinical Key is a point-of-care clinical information service for physicians and other healthcare professionals. It provides access to a unique combination of medical reference books, medical journals, drug information, and practice guidelines. Clinical Key helps health professionals locate and use clinical information quickly to answer questions and to keep current with changing healthcare issues.

Clinical Key information resources include the full text of over 1,000 Elsevier medical and surgical reference books, 500 journals, 2,800 drug monographs, 2,000 practice guidelines, 15,000 patient education handouts, 13,000 medical and surgical videos, and 5 million images

Where D / Ahmed Salama (Elsevier Company) will lecture in the seminar, on Tuesday (05/10/2016), at 10:00 pm, at the Faculty of Medicine - Malaysian building - the ground floor - Malaysian room V1