Established the Faculty of Law, Ain Shams University in 1950 and opened its doors to welcome students of the band's initial in the academic year 1950 to 1951, which numbered 1276 and then moved those students to the band top Once I graduated this payment in the year 1953 to 1954 until the increased demand for college, reaching number of students in 1953 - 1954, 6429 students. Thus becoming contributing a large share in the field of study of law.

Was selected by faculty members at the inception of the faculty at the Universities of Cairo and Alexandria, and the number was at that time one of eleven members. Then take that number to grow until it reached in 1999 - 2000 eighty-nine members and was in the year 2010 - 2011 - (113 members)   The faculty members and their assistants to do their work better and are still doing their job very hard, their effort does not stop at the end of teaching, but also to publish their scientific production in the form of books in general. This side of research and specialized studies that are published in various magazines, legal, economic and college since its inception, strive with all the power to activate their potential and capabilities and enrich the experiences of its students are supported in all the scientific expertise and intellectual teachers and based on that of all the innovations and scientific methods and technology in addition to visions of social actors from in order to serve all sectors and disciplines.

College is also seeking to develop its programs and decisions constantly and the development of programs and new curricula in a manner commensurate with the scientific and academic variables. In this framework, approved faculty members in the output of a magazine in 1959, a title the whole to be a scientific activity, published in two issues, first in January and the second in July of each year.

The college is keen to increase the number of faculty members selected by the early graduates of law schools had to be in the functions of repeaters, to send in the scientific missions, while enabling those who do not have a chance to travel the scientific mission to study abroad on leave to complete the qualification. Not lost on the college to enable faculty to participate in scientific conferences. The large number of them contribute to the path of delegation, secondment in the national public missions in the country and abroad related to their respective branches.   The total includes a section for Graduate Studies, opened at the start of the academic year 1960 -1961 are taught by professors from college shared a number of university professors as the Egyptian and foreign visiting professors at the college, in addition to a number of leading experts and specialists. Has added this section is new in graduate studies in international law and the Graduate Diploma in Comparative Law, and Graduate Diploma in International Relations, and the Graduate Diploma in International Trade Law, and Graduate Diploma in procedural law, and the Graduate Diploma in civil law.   Also saw the College in the academic year 93/1994 generator facility new science is the "center of legal studies and economic" that I want him to serve as a center the mother, which includes Research and Studies legal, economic, including all the people that include the study of law in various branches, as well as the economy and public finance college This is in addition to the training section of professional legal and handles the link between theoretical studies and life legal process in various aspects. has been established "Centre for Human Ain Shams Arbitration" the college on 24/9/1997 as a unit of a special character which is aimed at providing a scientific basis for the advancement of areas of arbitration and amicable settlement of disputes, and proceeded Center to provide possibilities of self that allows stakeholders to resolve their disputes, it also offers specialized programs for training and preparation for the work of arbitration and organizing courses and conferences on arbitration, cooperation and the development of ties with other arbitration centers in Egypt and abroad.   With the beginning of the academic year 1999 was established for the first time the education system handles open and Professor / Dean supervision of the education committee and open a number of professors who specialize in the field of programs offered.   The college offers degree and bachelor's Education Division to choose the open after the student successfully decisions of the eight classes taught during which the original material for the various disciplines of law.   This degree of success that College Ave and is due to the ongoing effort of faculty members who are determined to Bclethm Highness to raise the level, and to the university that I went back to the College all the way through all difficulties and Zllt. In 2003 was the opening of the French department of the graduates of high school French, and to study legal materials in French and the student is awarded the degree of Bachelor of Laws approved by Ain Shams University and the University of Lyon 3, where an agreement was signed with the latter in this regard and in which the lectures in this section some of the professors of the University of Lyon 3 to the selection of teachers college as it did in 2004, created Department of English and to the teaching of legal language of English is given the student the degree of Bachelor of Law Division of English and the aim of establishing these departments (French and English) is to try to meet the labor market, which requires that the graduate conversant in a foreign language at least